What’s Buffalo Nickel Value Today?

Neophyte coin collectors interested in finding out the buffalo nickel value will quickly discover that the actual value of a buffalo nickel depends upon the coin itself, such as the minted year and coin condition. The price tag of Buffalo Nickels ranges from $1 to over $20,000. Since Buffalo nickel value diminishes with the wear and tear on the coin, it is possible that some coin collector, upon first discovering a buffalo nickel believe that he may have a coin of considerable value, only to discover that the coin is not as worth as much as he estimated before.

Buffalo Nickels were produced from 1913 to 1938. The year the coin was created clearly affects the buffalo nickel value. The date should appear just below the neckline of the Native American’s profile on the front side of the coin. This positioning of the date causes the date to wear off with considerable circulation so the more the coin is circulated the lower the buffalo nickel value typically is. That being said, some buffalo nickel coins have dates that are nearly completely worn away. If the date is visible the coin is worth more: the clearer the date is the higher the value.

1937 Buffalo Nickel

Typically the buffalo nickel value falls between one dollars and ten dollars, again depending upon condition. The buffalo nickel value increase significantly if it is a rare version. Errors in a coin’s creation make the coin a rarity and it is therefore worth more money to the coin collector. For example, there are famous1937 buffalo nickels with buffalo’s possessing only three legs (an error which became present while the coin was made) which proves to have a fairly high value. One can get a considerable price for such a coin: anywhere from $40 to $11,000.

The actual condition of the coin also plays a role in determining the Buffalo nickel value. Finding coins which have the best conditions, few scratches, easily definable features, and good tone and quality are key if looking to get the most value out of a buffalo nickel. Consideration of what mint cast the coin and the actual dating of the coin also play a role in what a coin will be worth.

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